How can I avail your service?

- Good to hear that. You can email us at inquire@xp-studios.com and let's talk about what we can do for you.

Can you do us a sample video?

- I'm sorry but we can not make you a sample video, but we can write you a sample script for you to review. If you liked it, you would have to make a 30% downpayment thru Paypal for us to continue with your project. The  remaining 70% is upon final approval.

How long would it take for our video to be finished?

- Quality takes time, it would take us 2-3 weeks. We will upload it to our vimeo channel for you to see, if you have revisions that's fine just let us know.

Should we write our own script for our video?

- It would be great if you have a script but if you don't, we will write one exclusively for you at no extra cost.

Will it really help our business?

- According to recent studies - Yes. Clients and consumers would easily comprehend what your company does in just a few seconds and increases the tendency for them to buy.

Should it really be an exact 1min, 1min30seconds, 2minutes?

- Not necessarily, an excess of up to five seconds is fine.

Why are your rates much lower than the others?

- We are keeping our prices down as much as possible and we maximize our resources. The primary reason is that we are based in the Philippines.

How is the payment process?

- Currently, we prefer Paypal due to its reliability and security. You can email us at inquire@xp-studios.com if you have other methods you're comfortable with.

Can I have a copy of the video?

- Absolutely, after all it's yours. We will email it to you once it is finished via Ge.tt

Is it in High Definition(HD)?

- Yes, your video would be in 1280x720p at 24fps. This is just right for the internet standard.