Keeping your video simple yet professionally done.

Client: One Virtual Source

Client: Telstra Global Singapore

Client: Simple + Smart

Client: Univariety - Academic Resume

Client: Bill for LIFE Pittsburgh

Client: Univariety

Education is important, everyone would agree to that. So when it comes to universities, don't take the risk - let Univariety guide you for the colleges and universities that best fit you. Visit their website

 Client: Adharp

For many of us who keeps logging in and out on different ad networks like Google Adwords or Facebook. No need to do that anymore with Adharp!

 Client: Bariatric Surgery Source

Bariatric Surgery Source is a unique platform that your prospective patients in your area can find you easily. You're going to look professional and trustworthy too.

 Client: Telstra Global

Product: TG IPX

Experience ultra-fast data speed. Where ever you are. That's Telstra Global. Check out their video!

Client: Univariety

Service: GEM

The friendly counselors over at Univariety are here to help you find the best suited college or university for you anywhere in the world, seriously, anywhere! Got you intrigued? Check their GEM video out below! Or visit their website at

 Client: Capillary Technologies

Capillary is an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management solutions that works so hard to take care of your business - so you won't have to. Want to know what we're saying? Check out their two videos!

Client: Fritter Inc

Ever wonder if there's an easy and more convenient way of ordering from our favorite restaurants? Well, introducing Fritter. Check their video out!

Client: AdZtream

This would be the first time a private hotspot can generate revenue from their wifi through advertisements. Smart idea. Just fantastic! And the people behind AdZtream are awesome too! Check them out!

Client: Foleo Inc

Product: OpenPOS­™

The awesome folks at Foleo were very easy to deal with. They're also hands on with the production of their video. We're very looking forward to work with them again! Check out what OpenPOS is all about!

Client: 33Mail

33Mail helps reduce or even totally prevent unwanted emails on your inbox.

Client: AdNear

AdNear aims to leverage the most relevant targeting capabilities on mobile to effectively complete the cycle from discovery to fulfillment.

Client: LoveIt 

LoveIt is an awesome community where you can discover, save, and organize the images you love all-in-one place.

Ready to get started? Here's how it works.

 Step1: Project and Client Research

Before we move forward, we need your coordination 
with the kind of video you need. If you have something 
in mind or something that you saw on Youtube / Vimeo 
please do let us know. Things we need to know are:
- Who are you trying to reach?
- Do you have a content in mind? Are there other videos you worked on before?
- Are there other videos you've seen that give us knowledge of what you had in mind?
- Do you have a branding guide or anything that can help us with the design of your video?
- When do you need it?

 Step2: Creative Scriptwriting

This step is the most important part of the process. You help 
us make sure we nail your message to your audience. You can 
provide us your own script or we can make an exclusive one for you.

 Step3: Storyboarding

A storyboard is a written and a draft visual aid of your video.
Once the script is approved, we will provide you with drawings 
of the entire animation for you to look at. It also helps to minimize surprises and revisions
once the video is complete.

 Step4: Voiceover Recording

We will give you various samples and let you select from our 
professional male and female voice artists. The tone is important 
as it will give mood to your video. If you have a specific voice in mind, 
let us know and we'll find the right talent for you.

 Step5: Video Production

Once the voiceover and storyboard were approved, our digital artists 
will work on your video. All assets are digitally created for animation. 
We will upload a first draft just for you to see the flow. 
Each project comes with 2 rounds of revisions.

 Step6: Sound Design

Your video will be handed over to our professional sound engineer 
which will add sound effects and music to further enhance the engagement of your video.

 Step7: Delivery and Promotion

Upon final approval, we will upload it to our Vimeo channel. 
We will also prepare you a file that will work best for whatever 
deliverable format you need - be it for web, presentation, or TV broadcast. 
We will also add related tags to your video on Vimeo to optimize it for search engine results.